Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How to Clean Exploded Eggs in the Microwave

If you have never tried to boil or cook an egg in the microwave here are some tips to prevent you from having to clean up the mess afterwards, since they tend to explode if you stick a whole egg inside the oven.

The reason for the exploding part is fairly obvious, for those who have passed the fifth grade, but still – the microwaves heat things from inside out. More importantly, they heat faster things that have more water molecules. The egg shell has few to none water in it, but the insides – the yolk, has quite a lot. This will cause the inside to heat up rapidly, expand and explode, cracking the shell. You will have a huge mess in the microwave, an the smell will be even worse.

Cooking eggs in the oven is possible, but you have to know a few rules. Alas you will have some serious oven cleaning to do on your hands. Never put a whole egg in the oven is the basic one, and I have just explained above the “why” part. Now, when preparing omelettes and scrambled eggs in the microwave – yes, it is possible – you have to break the yolks surface, before you begin cooking. If you don't it will still explode, causing devastation all around it. Cooking eggs in the microwave is done on the highest possible temperature setting, for a little less than 2 minutes, depending on the condition you want them in.

If, however, you have already done a mistake, and have a gutted egg inside your oven, here is what oven cleaners Kidlington advise you to do. Take a damp sponge with a few drop of dish soap on it, and a bowl of warm water, and wipe the egg remains off the microwave walls, ceiling, floor and the door. You should remove the rotating plate from inside and put it in the dishwasher while you do so, or you can wash it by hand afterwards. Once the remains are gone, put the dish back in and fill a heat proofed cup with about 10-15 ml of white vinegar. Put the microwave on a medium setting and heat the vinegar for a few minutes, making it boil. The evaporating vinegar will deodorize the microwave and remove most, if not all of the odours from the vault.


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