Monday, 7 March 2011

Clean the Carpet at the End of Your Tenancy

  When the time to move out comes, we think mainly how to get the security deposit back. That's why every tenant hires end of tenancy cleaning service but we rarely remember to ask them if they offer carpet cleaning as well. And the carpet is important part of the house which makes a big impression.

  If the move out cleaning company you hired does not provide this type of service, then you will probably have to call carpet cleaning company to deal with it. Before you do that, it is good to know what are the different methods for cleaning a rug.

  The most popular has always been the steam cleaning because of the usage of steam and no chemicals. Most people consider it the best type of carpet cleaning and the healthiest but it also has its disadvantages. A carpet cleaned this way needs at least a day to get dry.

  Another option is the foam method where a foaming shampoo is applied into the carpet to absorb the dirt. After it gets dry, the foam and the soil are vacuumed. Very useful type of cleaning is the dry cleaning although it is not chemical free. The advantage it has is that there is no water used and no residue left which prevents the growth of mould.

  As you can see there are many different ways to clean a carpet. Remember that hiring carpet cleaning service is as important as hiring move out cleaning London
company at the end of your tenancy.


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