Sunday, 20 March 2011

Professional Window Cleaning Tips

When the time to move out of your old apartment comes, you will probably think about everything else except cleaning. But before you move out, you should take care about every part of the house including the windows.

That's why the end of tenancy cleaning London services give us some useful window cleaning tips to help us when we move out. First of all, you should use the right tools, otherwise there won't be any difference between now and then. Use professional squeegees, soaps and applicators and pay attention if they are clean enough because dirty applicator can leave dirt behind.

Remember that it is wrong to wash the windows in direct sunlight and you have to hold the squeegee at the right angle so the water to run down the glass. After every stroke, it is good to wipe the blade otherwise it will leave wet marks on the window. Another important fact you should know is that it is recommended to use a lot of water when you wash the window with the scrubber. When you are done with the squeegee, it would be good if you wipe the window edge to remove any water marks or spots.

Unfortunately, when you move there are many more things to be cleaned and not only the windows. So, if you find it hard to do it by yourself you can always call the professional move out cleaning London services.


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