Thursday, 5 May 2011

Five Questions to Ask Your Cleaners

Almost everybody knows how hard it is to move and how difficult is to choose the right cleaning company. There are many cleaning services these days and they all offer different type of cleaning. Not only this but they provide different quality and prices. That's why we will try to give you an advice and to tell you the questions you need to ask them.

The first and the most essential thing you should understand is the type of the service, the company provides. When you hire end of tenancy cleaning company, you have to know in advance if they are going to clean the carpet and the upholstery or you need to call another company. Ask them if they clean every single room and what exactly they are going to clean in each of them.

Question number two is about the products they are going to use. In case you want green cleaning, make sure that they will use eco-friendly cleaning supplies but not chemicals.

Ask the cleaning service you plan to hire, how long will the cleaning take them. Except this, you have to know also how much in advance you have to book them in order to have your house cleaned on time.

Question number four is about their insurance and the references they have to provide to you. There is no way to hire a cleaning service which doesn't have any recommendations.

And finally, make sure the price is affordable and reasonable. Most of the end of tenancy cleaning London services offer normal prices and can do the perfect job.


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