Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Involve the Children with the Cleaning

When you have children, the cleaning becomes even harder and I will tell you why. Because your kids most probably don't see the difference and it doesn't matter to them if the house is tidy or not. But there is a way to get them involved with the cleaning and it is with games. For that purpose, you can use some of the funniest cleaning games you know.

To call cleaning services is always an option but they won't teach your children to clean. The first one I can think of is the “I Spy” game. It's true that you are going to waste some time playing with them, but are going to waste time anyway if you have to clean it by yourself. So, this is the lesser of two evils and the game is very easy to play. You need to stand on the door and say: “I spy with my little eye...” and then the object you see. Then follows a race to pick up the item you spot. After a few rounds you will see the difference between now and then.

The other popular game is called “Second Viewpoint”. You give your children a room to clean and before you return to check the results, they should get second opinion from someone elder. Believe me children will do their best when they know that their older brother or sister will check upon them.

This is the most easiest way to involve the kids with the cleaning. If you know how to make it funny, they will learn how to clean even better than the professional cleaning services.


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