Monday, 13 June 2011

Clean Spilled Wax

Candles are a beautiful solution for the interior making your home a romantic place, enhancing the mood of the rooms. Unfortunately, these beautiful ambient lightnings leave melted wax stains on the tablecloth or carpet which could be very difficult for cleaning. So, if you are keen on this kind of lightning you should lean how to clean the stains they leave. Here are some techniques given by Chiswick Cleaners.

Try to remove as much of the wax as it is possible manually. Using an ice cube will make the wax breakable and you can try to dislodge the stain with a dull knife or a credit card. Then vacuum the pieces.
If the surface is non-flammable you may consider using a hairdryer to melt the remaining wax. Then wipe up the melted wax with a soft cloth. Remember that this technique is effective on hard surfaces such as tables. On soft surfaces like fabrics you can consider using an iron. Use the same technique.
If the stain is smaller you can use a heated table spoon to remove it. Put a piece of wet paper over the stain and rub with the spoon. The wax will be melted and easily removed.
You can use a multi-surface cleaner if the candle is coloured and the stain is on a hard surface. Treat the fabrics with the appropriate stain removals and wash if it is possible.
If you are one of the people that does not know how to handle with such a stain, then you can always rely on the many carpet cleaning Chiswick companies. They will remove the stain with no risks of any damages on your favourite floor covering because the pros have the equipment and knowledge needed for such a job. You can also ask them for tips on how to maintain the carpets in order to keep them clean as longer as it is possible.


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