Friday, 3 June 2011

Make a Summer Cleaning Check List

It is summer now, the favourite season of millions of people, living all around the world, especially for those who live at north, where sunny days are a deficit. Actually, it does not matter how long is the summer period in your area, because the only important thing here is that the weather is warm and you can enjoy it completely. However, before you begin taking sunbaths, you have to do a few things first, such as to clean your home in order to prepare it for the season. But how to do this easier?

Most of the cleaners London recommend their clients to make cleaning check lists, before every season cleaning. So, what would you say, is not it easier to write down all your summer jobs in advance? This way, you will know what exactly you have to do and also, you can even calculate the time which you need to spare for the job. So, here are my suggestions how to organise your summer cleaning duties.

1. So, the first thing to do is to separate your summer cleaning check list on two columns: indoor and outdoor cleaning. Then write down all your cleaning assignments that have to be done.

2. Start your summer cleaning with the cleaning of your windows. Every season, you should clean the windows, both inside and outside, clean the screens and shutters, too. Do not forget to remove all the dirt and spider webs before using water or some other cleaning solution. Another thing which you also should keep in mind is the possibility of hornet, bee or bird nests which could be situated in the niche above the shutters.

3. Another really important thing which you must include in you summer cleaning list is the cleaning of your barbecue and lawn mower, too. For the barbecue, use white vinegar or a special cleaning detergent to remove all the grease, left from the last summer. If you forgot to clean your lawn mower, you have to do it now, because you will need it during the whole summer. Usually, many of the London cleaners advise their clients to clean their barbecues and lawn mowers, before storage them in the garage, at the end of the summer, but it is not a fatal mistake if you do this before the season.   


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