Friday, 1 July 2011

3 Interesting Cleaning Agents

Cleaning your home in a regular basis does not mean to remove the dust from your furniture once a week or vacuum the carpet. Domestic cleaning requires a dedication to your property, because when you take a good care of it, you create a clean and healthy home environment for your family.

There are many cleaning methods and techniques, which cleaners London can teach you. However, the idea here is not to learn as much things as possible but to select the most useful ones for your purposes. Do you know that there are some products in your home, which you do not use to clean things but actually they can be perfect for the job? Let me introduce you some of them:

1. To make your skin soft you use baby oil, right? Well, you can polish chrome with this product, too. Pour a little bit of the oil on a clean, cotton cloth and make all your chromic fixtures shiny again. It sounds pretty simple, right?!

2. Clean you coffee grinder with rise. Fill the grinder with rise and run it. The rise will absorb all the stale odours from the grinder. Then, remove the rise and wipe clean with a damp clean cloth. Dry with another clean cloth. 

3. You can clean your CDs using toothpaste. To restore their favourite CDs, London cleaners apply a little bit of non-gel toothpaste to a cotton swab. The only thing you have to do is to rub gently the surface of the CD, covering all the scratches. Then, rinse well the toothpaste with water.


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