Friday, 29 July 2011

Easy Green Cleaning Recipes

Today we use more dangerous cleaning products and detergents which endanger our health. In fact these are just part of everything that is unhealthy, so we can try to make everything that surrounds us more eco-friendly. Let's start with the cleaning because here are the easiest green recipes.

All Purpose Cleaner 
This is a solution which can be used for every part of the house. You can make the mixture by yourself using 2 spoons Borax, 2 cups water and a quarter of lemon juice. Put these ingredients in a spray bottle and start cleaning. 

Stain Remover 
It is very useful for carpet stains and you need only club soda and baking soda – products which every housewife has. When the stain appears, you should blot it first and then sprinkle baking soda. Blot again using club soda and there will be no spot at all. 

Glass Cleaner
The ingredients you need are a cup of water, a cup of alcohol and a tablespoon of vinegar. Put all these products in a bottle and spray the glass. Then wipe out using clean cloth or newspaper, which is even more useful because it prevents streaks.

These are the most useful and easy green cleaning recipes you can find and they are recommended by the leading domestic cleaners. If they are not helpful enough, you can get a cleaner to make sure the job was done properly.


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