Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Three Ways to Remove Dried Paint

It is great when you finally move into your new home with your family. But if you want to feel safe there and to allow your children to live in healthy environment, then you have to deal with the cleaning in advance and to make sure your house is dust free. One of the hardest things, every housewife has to deal with, is the dried paint after the builders.

Here are three ways to deal with this problem and especially the paint left on places such as carpets, windows, etc. Of course, calling the professional after builders cleaning services would be better idea, but if you cannot afford it, you can try to handle the task yourself. First, you have to find out the type of the paint. It is important to know whether it is water or oil-based one before you proceed with cleaning.

Read the label on the can and after you already know what kind of paint you have to deal with, you will have to prepare yourself for action. The water-based paint is easier to remove and most manufacturers recommend using only soap and warm water, which you have to apply to the carpet or the upholstery you want to clean.

In case the paint is oil-based, you are going to need a paint thinner. This should be used after the paint is dried, but never used on windows or hard-wood floors. Before you start cleaning, you'd better ask your after builders cleaning services for any advise and test it on hidden area.


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