Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Clean Home, Healthy Home

Have you ever wondered where do all allergies and diseases we catch come from? Even if you don't go out, you still get ill? What is the reason?

Well, most of the diseases and allergies are caused by dirt particles and dust mites. The furniture in our homes, especially the carpets and sofas, acuumulate a lot of dust and dirt. When we walk part of these particles is pushed back in the air. We breathe them in and that is where respiratory problems come from. When these same particles fell on our skin, they irritate it and we end up with allergies.

It all starts with an innocent sneeze, but may have a fatal ending. That is why we should not underestimate and ignore the house cleaning process.

Moreover, if we have small children, we should provide them with the best and healthiest environment. Kids love to crawl on the floor, so it better be clean. Otherwise, your children may suffer some serious health issues.

My advice and the advice of professional cleaning companies is to clean your home thoroughly as often as possible, but to vacuum and dust every day. It is not that hard and time-consuming to use the vacuum cleaner once a day, so do not avoid it. It will save you lots of nerves in future.

Another thing you can do to avoid health issues and to keep your place clean is to stop walking with your shoes inside. Take them off when you enter and leave them in the hallway. It will be even better if you put a door mat on the front door. It will absorb part of the dirt from your shoes.

House cleaning is annoying but it is also important for healthy living. We have to clean our homes regularly if we want to avouid health problems.


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