Thursday, 25 August 2011

Effective Ways to Use Bleach

Although the bleach is very dangerous, it is still one of the most effective cleaning products in the stores. The reason is that bleach can help you get rid of some of the most stubborn and unpleasant problems. Instead of claiming how harmful it can be, we decided to help you find out the effective ways to use it without threatening your health.

There isn't any other better way to get rid of the mould which settles between the tiles in your bathroom. Mix one part water and one part bleach and you will have the perfect solution for mould removal. You can add bleach in the laundry, too but only if you wash white cloth. The professional cleaning services recommend that you should be really careful because the cloth made of silk can be damaged as well as your hands if you are not wearing gloves.

Another usage of the bleach is as disinfectant because it kills any kind of bacteria. So you can use it to disinfect the trash can because it is the main source of germs in your house. The toilet bowl, which is also one of the dirtiest things can also be cleaned with bleach. There is one thing to remember though. Do not mix bleach, toilet cleaner and vinegar. The result can be really harmful for your health, because of the gasses received from the mixture. Only the professionals know how to use this kind of solution in the house cleaning process.


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