Friday, 5 August 2011

How to Remove Pasta Sauce from the Floor

Having family to dinner, parents and kids all round the table, can sometimes drive you out of your mind. Kids running around, mother-in-law offering help that only leads to creating more work for you, preparation of the family dinner just gets harder and harder. You know the situation, don’t you? So you know how frustrating it is.

Yet I managed to prepare all the dishes and even the kids were quiet, which was unusual. When my husband asked me for a second plate of penne rigate, which I had made myself, I went to the kitchen. But on the way back I slipped on my son’s toy police car and fell over. I was OK, but there was a big stain on the carpet! So naturally I had to deal with clearing up the mess on the carpet.

If you still have all your faculties in this situation, take a deep breath and start carpet cleaning the stain as soon as it appears. Remove the pasta and scoop the sauce up from the flor. Now sprinkle the stain with some cornflakes and a 1/1 quantity of baking soda and salt. First apply the white mixture, then the crushed cornflakes. Let is sit for while until most of the sauce is absorbed. Don’t be frightened about the tomatoes causing a stain – the real problem is that the sauce contains vegetable oil. Gather up the crushed cornflakes and sweep up  the excess salt and soda mixture.

Now make a cleaning solution of white wine vinegar with a few spoons of mild washing-up liquid and a few cups of water. Apply to the stain and scrub, rinse with warm water, then blot with kitchen paper. Continue with the cleaning until the spot is completely removed. 

If you have spilled pasta sauce on your furniture, do the upholstery cleaning with the method mentioned for the carpet.


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