Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Let's Clean London after the Riot

You probably have already heard of the latest events in the United Kingdom's capital. What happens there is really disturbing and we all hope that it will be over soon. Now, days after the beginning of these riots, London is in such condition that it is going to need a lot of cleaning. Let's see what the London people do.

The good news is that there are a lot of people eager to help. This morning on the streets of the capital, you could see hundreds of volunteers ready to start cleaning their city. All of them had brooms and bin-bags in order to pick up the trash that were left after the riots.

Great contribution to the event gave Facebook and Twitter, which are the main social networks that participate in the organization of the cleaning. Instead of hiring professional cleaning services, people grab their brooms and went out on the street to sweep the broken glass. The man that created the groups in the social networks is 21 years old and he said he couldn't watch his home town in this condition, that's why he decided to take actions and to organize everyone who wants to help.

What these people do in London is something we should take as a model. They show us how every society should behave when such events occur. I am sure that they can turn the dirty streets into fantastic clean ones.


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