Friday, 26 August 2011

Top 3 Quick Cleaning Tasks

Imagine these two situations. The first one is when you don't clean your house for a month and then you have to clean it thoroughly. How long it will take you to do it? And how long will be the cleaning if you do a small quick cleaning task every day and there is less to take care of in the end of the month.

If you think for a while, you will find out that the second option is the better one. You can try and make an effort to deal with some small chores every day to see how you are going to ease your thorough house cleaning. For a start, you can try to wash the dishes after every meal or at least in the evening.

Once a day, when you go out for a walk or when you leave for work, take the trash bags with you. The garbage smells bad and if it stays inside for longer, you may have big problems with the bad odours later.

Dust is really annoying and it causes allergies. In order to avoid that you can dust every day at least the rooms with biggest traffic such as the living room and the bedroom. For an example, you can use the ten minutes break you have while waiting for your turn for the bathroom. If you deal with these quick cleaning tasks every day, you will definitely have to pay the professional cleaning services less.


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