Wednesday, 7 September 2011

3 Ways to Save Money on Cleaning

It is not a secret that we live in hard time and most people do their best to save money on everything they can. So, there is another idea. We will share with you several ways to save money on cleaning and we guarantee that you will be surprised how helpful this could be.

The easiest way to cut your expenses is using cheaper products. You can do that, if you just stop using concentrated products and use the standard ones. They are cheaper and work great no matter what part of the house you have to clean. Of course, there are stains that can make you hire house cleaning services after all.

You can save money on cleaning using home-made products, which you can do by yourself. One of the cleaning solutions that can be easily made is the glass cleaner. All you need is water and vinegar, but if you have to clean really dirty windows, you can add dish-washing liquid in order to make the detergent stronger.

Another way to cut expenses is using home-made wet wipes. Not that they are very expensive, but if you make mental calculations how many packages of wet wipes you use per month, you will see that you spend a lot of money for them after all. So, you can use your own clothes sprayed with some mild detergent. And still do not save on professional services and if you can afford it, hire any of the London house cleaning companies twice a year to make sure that you protect your family's health.


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