Thursday, 1 September 2011

How to Easily Remove Wallpaper

To put a wallpaper on the wall is not such a big deal, but to remove it can be really hard. So, if you have an old wallpaper in your house, which you want to get rid of, then this post is just for you, because we will reveal several tips on how to easily remove it.

If you are lucky and your wallpaper is one of those that can be stripped, then you probably won't have to get a cleaner to help you. In this case, you need a sharp knife to separate the wallpaper from the wall, then just pull it down very carefully. These coverings usually don't leave any adhesive on the wall and your job can be done in only several minutes.

There is another kind of wallpapers which are washable. They can be easily removed with water and you only have to score it using a scraper. But sometimes, there is a surprise when you see an older one underneath. It is usually harder to remove, so you can think of using professional steam wallpaper stripper.

Here is another way to easily deal with the wall covering and it is by using softener for fabrics. Mix one cap of the softener in one litre of water and apply the solution to the wallpaper. After half an hour, you can start pulling down the paper. And still, if you think you can't handle the situation, you can get a cleaner right away to help you.


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