Friday, 9 September 2011

Occupation: Full Time Mommy

All of my friends always judge me for being too much of a full time mommy but  it is really hard to deal with kids on your own and  they hardly ever understand that. Why on my own, you may ask? Well, my husband passed out 3 years ago in a car accident and not that I enjoy being a widow or embrace life in solitude but I’m still not ready to commit to anyone else but my lovely 2 girls. So sometimes I realize that all I’m really living for now is them.

Unfortunately  adopting the profession of a full time mommy can be very tricky as it does not always allow you to have a personal life. In fact it never allows you to have any personal life. I love them , I really do but I often feel extremely exhausted as I’m doing night shifts as a nurse in St Anthony’s hospital in Wimbledon, then coming back home early in the morning and preparing breakfast. Then I have to drive them to school, then clean the mess in the house and do the laundry and by the time I’m done with that it is almost about time to take them back from school. So sleeping is not always something I’m getting enough of.

And no matter how hard I clean during the day it is always a disaster in the next morning again. I remember last month, for example, when we had to change our rental house as the owners were getting back from overseas I tried cleaning for a whole week – no result at all, it seemed like I never touched the kitchen and the bathroom.  And the carpets, oh my God the carpets, nothing was able to remove those stains  from crayons, food, mud etc.  So no matter how prejudices I am against cleaning companies I had to book a Move out cleaning with some local cleaners  and arrange for a carpet cleaning Wimbledon company to do the steam cleaning for me as well.  I was pleasantly surprised by the good job that they have done for me but unfortunately  I cannot afford their services every day but believe me I really need them.

But no matter how messy and loud they are and how clumsy and lazy they can be sometimes I adore my girls. And  at the end of the day when I put them in bed and they kiss me good night I know that I am a happy woman.


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