Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Tips on Window Cleaning

It is important to clean your windows regularly to keep the good appearance of your home. A regular and proper window cleaning will make the task less time-consuming and bothersome. With the right materials and methods, you can clean all of the windows in your home with little effort.

Window Cleaners
Instead of using a commercial window cleaner, make your own by utilizing common household items. Homemade cleaners are safer than most commercial products that may contain harmful chemicals, and also they are much more cost-effective. Vinegar, for instance, cleans glass very effectively and prevents mold and bacteria growth. Mix one part of distilled white vinegar and one part of water in a spray bottle, then spray your windows with the mixture and wipe off. For more soiled windows and even for dried paint around the windowsills, use warmed vinegar in the bottle.
Newspaper doesn't leave lint behind, which makes it a very effective tool to wipe your windows. Use a balled up newspaper to wipe the cleaner off the windows. Another helpful tool used by many professional cleaning services providers is the squeegee. However, when using a squeegee to get windows dry, make sure to wipe excess water off the blade of the squeegee after each swipe down.
It is not a good idea to clean your windows when the sun is shining directly on the window as this will cause the cleaning solution to dry quickly, leaving unsightly streaks. Instead, clean your windows during night-time or wait for a cloudy day. When you are not able to handle the window cleaning on your own, consider using professional cleaning services to ensure the cleanliness of your windows.


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