Friday, 21 October 2011

Helpful Tips When You Wash Your Dishes

Dish washing is the most common chore of every house hold. Face it you don't have always time to wash your dishes after every meal. Sometimes they pile up in the sink and in the end there is a huge amount of unwashed dishes in the kitchen. This is normal since every second single person works and when he comes back home he wants to rest eat a little bit and go to bed.

Some people buy a washing machine to ease their house work and make their lifes easier, but some people don't have the money to buy one. Washing machine requires maintenance too but it is a lot easier to put a little detergent in it and to let it do the nasty work.

If you don't have a washing machine this means that you are doing the cleaning EC1 the old fashion way by your hands. So here are some tips that might help you during the cleaning process.

1. It is a good idea to put on some rubber gloves not all the dish soaps are good for your hands.

2. Before you start cleaning EC1 make sure you have scraped everything from the dishes into the trash can.

3. Before start washing use a hard brush or an iron sponge to disintegrate soiled oil stains.

4. Remove the dishes from the sink and sort them.

5. Put every item one by one under tap with water.

6. Fill the sink with water and put some dish wash in it. The water should be hot not boiling after all we don't want to burn ourselves.

7. Take the sponge and make sure it is soaked and put some additional dish soap on it.

8. Start with silver ware, then the glasses, then the dishes and last pots and pans because they are harder to clean.

9. Dip every item in the water and scrub with sponge.

10. Empty the sink and and wash every soaped up dish with cold water.

11. Leave the dishes to dry in the dryer.

12. Clean the sponge and rinse the iron sponge on the tap.

13. Remove all the food leftovers from the sink.

14. After that clean all the soap from the sink and you are ready.


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