Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Interesting Recycling Facts You Should Know

I have one theory and it is about the recycling which according to me is very useful. I think that if people knew how helpful for the environment is this process, they will do their best to recycle every single item they can. Let's check if I was right as I am going to share with you some very interesting facts you should know.

Did you know that when your old car is no longer in condition to move, you can recycle it? In fact 80% of each vehicle can be recycled and this means less pollution. And still, what part of the old cars which are not used is recycled?

I am sure that you know that the aluminium cans can degrade in the nature for more than 200 years. But probably you have never asked your rubbish clearance company for how long it can be recycled. The answer is for 6 weeks.

The bottle made of glass need more than one million years to degrade if you just throw them away. But an average family in the United Kingdom uses about 500 bottles every year. So, isn't it better to recycle them considering that the glass can be 100% recycled and it can be used more and more.

When you call the rubbish removals to pick up the trash from your home, you can ask them if they recycle the trash. And keep in mind that a plastic bag can degrade for not less than 20 years while a paper one needs only a month.


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