Monday, 30 May 2011

Ten Rules You Never Follow II

As we already said, every housewife hates cleaning and wants to make it faster and more convenient process. But in order to do it, you should follow a few cleaning rules, which we consider useless, but they are much more helpful in fact. Let's see the second part of our topic.

The fourth important rule that might make your cleaning easier says that you should start with the less harmful cleaning products. This means, it is better to try cleaning even the most tough stains with a detergent not that strong to ruin your furniture and upholstery. All cleaning services will recommend you to try this before using something harsh.

Another rule is to be patient or in other words, to leave the time to do part of your job. For an example, you can apply the cleaning product on the spot and leave it for a few hours for better results. This is going to save you some efforts.

Remember that the fast and efficient cleaning could be done, if you take your supplies with you. You are not going to run from one room to another in order to take the window cleaner because you will have everything at one place. Your cleaning services will tell you how useful is to follow these rules.


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