Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ten Rules You Never Follow III

In the last post about the ten rules that people never follow, we will discuss the last four tips you have to use more often. As we already said, following these principles is something that is going to make your cleaning process more easier.

My cleaning services always have told me that when I doubt about the result from my new cleaning supply, I should better test it first on a hidden area. That's what you have to do, when you want to try a new cleaning technique. First apply it on a place where no one is going to see it and then on the object you want to clean.

When you have to clean an item that could be easily destroyed, you have to pay attention not to deluge it. Such things could be computers, scanners, framed picture and etc. Do not spray any kind of cleaning products directly on them, but use soft cloths, otherwise you can damage them irreparably.

Rule number nine is about something you've heard a lot. We still try to convince you to read the manufacturer's instructions before cleaning any kind of furniture. This way you will avoid countless problems and damages, of course. Always read the labels on clothes, coaches and other pieces of furniture.

The last principle, you have to keep, is to protect yourself. Even the cleaning services, when they come to take care about your house, they stay focused and work very carefully with all these dangerous cleaning products.


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