Thursday, 30 June 2011

An Easy Mud Cleaning Method

Unfortunately, it is unavoidable to prevent mud stains. Most of you have pets, others - kids and you know that both of them don't think what will happen if they come in your house with dirty paws/shoes. Cleaning mud stains is one of the easiest cleaning “disasters” you might encounter at your home.

Here are the cleaning tips:

Never clean fresh mud stain! You should not break this “cleaning law”. If you do that, you will cause much more trouble. The only thing you would do is to spread the stain and allow it to penetrate deep into your carpet. And immediately in your mind comes the question “What should I do?”.

First, wait for a while so that the mud can dry. After that take a spoon and very gentle scrape as much as you can. Be careful and do not push the stain in the carpet, because it is not completely dry.

Now leave the spot to get perfectly dry. Cleaners Melbourne recommend the easiest way to clean it: take a vacuum cleaner and vacuuming the rug and most of the mud will come out very easily.
If the stain is too though and it does not detach from the rug, you might use a brush to remove it. For other carpet cleaning Melbourne tips, you might ask some professional cleaning services.


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