Thursday, 30 June 2011

Vodka Home Cleaning

    At the beginning it has to be mentioned that many would prefer to drink the vodka whether it is Absolut, Jewel of Russia or even the cheapest one. Cleaning is best done with a cheap one, which is to prefer instead of a headache. This unusual cleaning agent has qualities that surpass these of the cleaning products. Vodka can work on many surfaces as well as on many stains.

   Grass or ink stains on clothes could easily be removed by blotting them with a cloth soaked with vodka. In addition, those maddening remnants of price stickers are easily scraped off when poured over with vodka. Cigarette odour on furniture and clothes could be killed by misting vodka over them. However, cleaning your office with vodka could have bad results. For whatever cleaning in your office consider hiring Office Cleaning London.

   Vodka could be especially helpful when cleaning a bathroom. The alcohol guarantees a sparkling result. Spray mold, mildew wherever present and leave it for ten minutes. After that rinse the area clean with water.

   Vodka could be used for cleaning some types of jewellery, but not all. One that contains crystalline gemstones could be threatened successfully with alcohol. For dirty gemstones rub them with a vodka-soaked cloth. Rinse off the jewellery with a water-soaked cloth. Finally wipe it with a dry, soft one. Very dirty crystalline jewellery could be soaked into a glass of vodka. After 5 minutes, rinse it in clean water, and again wipe it with a soft cloth.

   Odours on clothes could be removed with vodka. A mixture of one part vodka to five parts water could be sprayed onto the clothes. However, this could make a bad impression on your employers, or friends.

   In conclusion, vodka has many appliances. Glass, clothes, jewellery, drinking. Remember not to use it in your office, where the best solution is to hire Office Cleaning London.  


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