Thursday, 9 June 2011

How to Clean With Motivation

   Cleaning is a task most of the people take as obligatory. Why is that? Because it is time consuming, and often requires dealing with dust, dirt and even health threatening cleaners. However, there are some people that have found a way to enjoy cleaning. A few examples would be mentioned below.

   Marry, aged 36, married with 2 children, living in London,  shared with us a tip on how to enjoy carpet cleaning. She is does it 2 or 3 times a week and but she wouldn't tell it is overdoing. She likes listening to music while doing it for about half an hour a day. “Sometimes it seems too funny because it feels like I am dancing with the vacuum cleaner and singing I WANT TO BREAK FREE”. However it is not that easy doing the decluttering. In this case Marry involves her children. “The kids love this cleaning game as much as they like messing around”. Her advice is that, once the kids learn to take responsibility for the mess they have done, they learn to keep order. So she says “We organise a simple game - who will collect all the toys in the basket and more clothes in the wardrobe.” The second one seems especially useful, but in most of the cases it is not only the kids, but it is up to their parents to educate them. 

   Marry says she sometimes even leaves the carpet cleaning to the little professionals. “They especially like dish washing, the only problem is that they make the whole floor wet afterwards.”
   In conclusion, motivation could be easily achieved. The post-cleaning satisfaction is one of the main reasons why people are doing it. Once done, the good vision of the house is due to the hard work of the housekeepers, something that they should be proud of. 


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