Thursday, 9 June 2011

How to Have a Clean Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where everyone spends big part of the day and actually it is the most important one. We have to sleep in nice and clean place, and that's why we can take care about this room in order to make it pleasant place to spend the night and not only.

One of the most important things is to change the linens very often, which means at least once a week. This is not something your cleaning services are going to do. You have to remember to vacuum the mattress when you do that, otherwise you take the risk of dust mites. When it is too hot, you should better change the sheets more often.

Vacuum the floor, but before your start doing that, you have to move the furniture. The smaller items could be taken out of the room and the heavier, you can just move a bit. Do that in order to remove the cobwebs and the dust that gathers behind and under them.

Things which you don't need any more, you can throw away. If you want to, you can do that before the vacuuming. Do not keep anything, that is useless and if it is not ruined, you can donate it. This concerns any types of items and even your clothes.

Clean the windows. You may not notice but they gather a lot of dust, too. The blinds can be vacuumed and for the windows you can use vinegar and water. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and apply it on the window, then wipe with a newspaper. I assure that there won't be any spots and even your cleaning services will be surprised.


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