Thursday, 28 July 2011

Remove the Wood Furniture Stains

There is some type of wood furniture in every home, because this is the best way to make your house look cosier. The problem with this furniture is the cleaning as it is very easy to make a stain on wood table but sometimes it can be hard to remove it. Here are four recipes, which will help you to enjoy spot-free wood furniture for longer.

The solution you are going to use depends on the origin of the stain. For example, there is no need to call domestic cleaner, if you spilled just some milk or alcohol drink. 

Instead you'd better use wax or ammonia, which is going to remove the white mark from the wood surface.
For other white marks, you can use a mixture made of lemon juice and cigarette ash. In case you don't have lemons, try with salad oil and you will see that the result is the same.

Talking about cigarettes, we can tell you how to remove a cigarette burn. Just use a sealing polisher and then apply linseed oil to make it shiny again. You can skip the polisher, if you don't have any.

The biggest problem when it comes to wood furniture, is how to deal with the water marks and rings. The truth is that you can handle them very easily, using home-made solutions. You have two options so choose between: toothpaste or oil to rub with. There is another way, which even more useful. Cover the spot with a cloth and press a hot iron to it; this way the moisture will be absorbed.

As you can see, you don't need domestic cleaners but fifteen minutes of your time to read this post and you won't see stains on the wood furniture any more.


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