Thursday, 28 July 2011

Top 10 Tenancy Deposit Solutions

   When the tenancy period ends the time for thinking about getting your security deposit back has come. The top ten ways to insure that are all related to cleaning. After an appropriate notice leaving the tenancy in a good condition is the next major step.

  1. Of course, moving out cleaning services are the best solution. However, if the price for hiring such a company is equal to the amount you have deposited than it is surely not worth it. If this is the case just leave the tenancy in its current condition and the deposit as well.
  2. Doing the cleaning yourself by having a moving out cleaning company's checklist or one from the landlord has to be the second best solution. However, if you consider doing this you will have to commit yourself and to have the spare time required. With the whole boxing, moving out and cleaning you might need several days.
  3. Cleaning the tenancy to bring it in the condition that it was when you moved in. A good memory may be required if you have moved in a long time ago. As in the previous point you should buy cleaning products, equipment, boxes and plastic bags for all the trash. Collect everything around the house and do not leave anything in cabinets or drawers.
  4. Cleaning yourself by the landlord's guidance. Not many propery owners would turn up to that by it is worth the try.
  5. Reparation work could even be ranked higher. Make sure there isn't any damage to the tenancy. Permanent possessions, walls, carpets, curtains should all be in the same state as when you moved into the place.
  6. To make a good impression clean thorougly. Details are important. Do not forget cleaning the refrigerator and the oven.
  7. Cleaning while collecting your possesions. Certainly a good way to spot every uncleanliness.
  8. Having someone to help is also a good solution. Cleaning and repairing would be much easier if you are not alone.
  9. Preparing for the move out long before it happens. A month preparation is surely going to help but few people choose to start cleaning and fixing that early.
  10. Keep the tenancy clean during the whole rental period. This could even be ranked top of the list. :)


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