Monday, 1 August 2011

How to Make Your Own Vacuum Filter

It does not matter how good your vacuum cleaner is if its vacuum filter does not work properly. If this essential part is damaged or it is not good enough, all the dust and allergens it collects will be spread again into the room.

Actually, vacuum filters have a very important job, because they gather and trap all bacteria, germs and dirt that can cause different diseases and allergic reactions. Another function of vacuum filters is to keep the inside of the vacuum cleaner clean. Therefore, if you want to make your own vacuum filter, you can follow the advice of London cleaning professionals, which you will find in the lines below.
You will need: a sponge, a pair of scissors and a cheesecloth

1. First thing to do is to cut the sponge and make it fit on the place of the second filter, which you will find where the air exhaust is. You have to give a little pull to the small tab to open the louvred door. Then, you have to take out the filter. You need to take the measures of the area in order to make your own filter. So, you can put the sponge on the place of the filter. Then, take the scissors and cut this part of the sponge, which is out of the hole to completely fit on the filter compartment. Close the louvred door. Using this handmade filter, you will be able to use your vacuum cleaner for a while, until you buy a new filter.

2. Another convenient way to make your vacuum cleaner to trap microbes, without letting them back to your home environment is by using cheesecloth. London cleaners advise to wrap the cheesecloth around the filter. Then, just attach the cloth with some rubber bands to stay. Use your vacuum cleaner as usual, until you buy a new filter.   


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