Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summer Stains Cleaning Guide

With the hotter temperatures during summer people search ways either to cool themselves down, or avoid the unpleasant sweat smell, or consume more light and liquid foods. This, of course, means that the list of the sources different stains gets expanded. Stains caused by ice-creams, antiperspirant cosmetics and different kinds of drinks are a normal thing during the summer, and, luckily, most of them are easier to remove than other stains

Ice-cream stains are the most common stains for the hotter months of the year. In order to get rid of such stain you should act the minute it occurs. Of course, this is not always possible, especially if the stain occurs outside of your home. But, still, the least you can do is to treat the stain with cold water, and clean it later when you are already home. Camden cleaners claim that pre-treating the stain with a stain remover, then letting it soak in water, and eventually machine wash it, should be enough to get rid of ice-cream the stain.

The antiperspirant stains are very unpleasant sight, but they are quite common. Wearing a shirt for no more than 30 minutes can be enough for the white marks to appear on the garment's sleeves. You can remove these stains by prewashing them with stain remover. After that just launder the fabric with the hottest water that can be used for this textile. Camden cleaners recommend to use enzyme detergents or oxygen bleach for best result.

These are just of the two most common stains that can grace your clothes during the summer season, but stick around and visit the blog regularly to learn ways on how to remove other “summer stains”.


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