Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Green Cleaning and Green Way of Life

Green cleaning is an essential part of the green living. The natural products will save the environment from the toxic impact caused by the chemicals in the commercial cleaning products. There are many benefits of the green cleaning and very few drawbacks.

The green cleaning is one of the most valuable ecological activities. This includes keeping your home clean with the use of natural, home-made products. Such products should not be threatening the eco-balance in the area surrounding your home. Even professional cleaners like cleaners Kensal Green are using these methods. These guys are always ready to provide you some tips about green cleaning and green way of life.

One of the many examples for green cleaning is the washing of your windows. The glass surfaces can be cleaned without the use of chemicals. You need a handful of linen clothes specifically for the job. With two tablespoons of chalk in a bucket filled with water you will have the solution you need. You need three pieces of cloth for triple wiping. After that you can us ea mix of water and vinegar, spray it and wipe the windows and mirrors with a piece of newspaper.

Another useful method of green cleaning is the baking soda, which could be applied as a natural fabric softener. Apart from the laundry, you can take care of your silver jewellery as well. Soak your jewels in vinegar for two hours, then boil them for a couple of minutes. Wipe and polish with a soft cotton cloth.

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