Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How to Remove Adhesive Carpet Stains

Do you like having a carpet into your home? If the answer is yes, then you have at least one and it is in your living room. And the carpet in the living room receives a lot of stains and spills, and sometimes it is a real mess. But everything is repairable including the adhesive stains that may appear on the carpet as well.

If you happen to notice a spot made of adhesive, you should not panic. This is not something scary and it is not impossible to remove. You can handle it either by finding professionals who offer affordable carpet cleaning prices or by finding the right tools and products to clean it. Here is how to remove adhesive carpet stains.

Before you start the real process of cleaning, you have to remove the excess adhesive from the carpet. Use a knife or a spoon. Some people recommend using razor blade but if you are not sure that you can handle, you'd better use something less sharp.

Now it is time to make a cleaning solution which you are going to use to clean the fabric. Mix a tablespoon of dish-washing detergent and two cups of warm water. Apply the received mixture on the affected area and use a white clean cloth to blot until the adhesive comes out.

Take clean cold water and apply on the spot as well. Then blot again but keep in mind that you have to change the clothes periodically to avoid spreading the stain. Now dry the fabric with a hair dryer and check whether there is a spot. In case you are not satisfied with the results, you can check for professional services at cheap carpet cleaning prices and call them.

When you know how to remove adhesive carpet stains, you can be sure that you can handle almost all types of stains.


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