Thursday, 24 January 2013

Leather And Chewing Gum - How To Deal With The Situation

If you have children you should choose carefully, the furniture, carpets, food, everything in your home. Redecorating is probably your only alternative if you don't want to see your Persian carpet or your favorite leather sofa ruined. Actually to be honest it is quite hard to permanently damage a high quality leather furniture, but you can be surprised by the little devils and their skills. I have found food leftover in places you would never thought it would be possible to put food.

Tips on How To Deal With Some of The Toughest Stains

I'm very proud, because my mother has told me all about cleaning and I know all kinds of ways to deal with tough stains on different surfaces, without using commercial detergents. I can't afford the risk of using potentially dangerous chemicals on the surfaces my children play. Some other time I'll give you plenty of green recipes, from all purpose cleaners, to polishers and special organic solutions which can remove even the toughest stains.

When my sons were little, I always found crayons and chewing gum all over the house, on the carpet under the mats and rugs, inside cupboards and under the table. Once I found a half melted gum on my favorite leather sofa. I was about to burst in tears, when I remembered how my mother used to clean my gum from the leather chairs. I can't expect my children to be calm when I wasn't. So if you encounter the same problem here is what to do in order to save your leather furniture.

Get a plastic bag and put some ice cubes inside, make sure there aren't any leaks and put it over the gum. Leave it for two hours and replace the bag with fresh cubes if needed. After this time the gum will be hard enough so you can remove most of it, using a spoon or a dull knife. If there is any left after this use saddle soap. With circular motions and clean dry cotton cloth rub small amount where the gum is. Leave it for about ten minutes and scrub away any left bits with a suede or some other soft brush.

If you're afraid the cleaned area will stand out, apply saddle soap on the whole sofa, it won't hurt. After that is is a good idea to condition the piece of furniture. There are special conditioners on the market which you can use, or you can try my homemade recipe. I strongly advice you to seek professional cleaning services at least twice a year, because the specialists working there know how to maintain leather surfaces. Check out the company I use.


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